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I'm running for Idaho State Senate seat 22 against the Republican incumbent, who I don't see as conservative enough for our district. This was something of a last minute decision for me, and it was not an easy one. As this web page demonstrates, I am not spending money on campaign consultants and web developers. Please look around, and if you think I am a bit more of what you think your representative in the upper house of the Idaho legislature should be, then please vote for me in the May primary.

What's With The Beard?

I've been warned that Idahoans don't send bearded sorts to the legislature. It seems to be true--our legislators do seem to be remarkably clean shaven. In the interests of openness and honesty, and facing this worrisome matter upfront, I thought that I would tell you why I am swimming against the current on this: There's a story (and a scar) behind that beard.

Many years ago, there was a sebaceous cyst just below my jaw line. A plastic surgeon did his best to remove it without leaving a scar--but I am a bit prone to keloid scarring. I was left with an ugly scar, and decided to grow the beard to hide it.

Now that you know the story, you won't be subconsciously wondering if it is okay to vote for a bearded person.

I Lost

And at a time when conservative challengers to moderate and liberal Republicans did rather well.